Pure Go GOST cryptographic functions library. GOST is GOvernment STandard of Russian Federation (and Soviet Union). It is copylefted free software: licenced under GPLv3. You can read about GOST algorithms more.

Currently supported algorithms are:

Probably you could be interested in Go’s support of GOST TLS 1.3.

Example 34.10-2012-256 keypair generation, signing and verifying:

import (
func main() {
    data := []byte("data to be signed")
    hasher := gost34112012256.New()
    _, err := hasher.Write(data)
    dgst := hasher.Sum(nil)
    curve := gost3410.CurveIdtc26gost341012256paramSetB()
    prvRaw := make([]byte, 32)
    _, err = io.ReadFull(rand.Reader, prvRaw)
    prv, err := gost3410.NewPrivateKey(curve, prvRaw)
    pub, err := prv.PublicKey()
    pubRaw := pub.Raw()
    sign, err := prv.Sign(rand.Reader, dgst, nil)
    pub, err = gost3410.NewPublicKey(curve, pubRaw)
    isValid, err := pub.VerifyDigest(dgst, sign)
    if !isValid { panic("signature is invalid") }

Please send questions, bug reports and patches to gost mailing list. Announcements also go to this mailing list.

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